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Dermal Fillers

Botox and Dermal Fillers in Stamford – Advanced Aesthetics Solutions

The Advanced Skin Clinic has been providing the non invasive wrinkle treatment for over 25 years now. With a team of well qualified doctors and experienced staff who have in depth knowledge of this one of the most popular non surgical technique to reduce age lines. We provide two types of non-invasive treatments at our Stamford clinic -Botox and Dermal Fillers.

What is BOTOX?

It is an abbreviated form of the chemical botulinum toxin. For many people around the world it is one of the best human inventions. The botox injections can be ideally termed as muscle relaxants.

  • Main Uses: The use of this is mainly for the cosmetic purpose; however it is also recommended to patients with muscular or nervous abnormality. It is also useful to cure migraine and excessive sweating disorders. The main use however is to reduce the fine visible facial lines or the wrinkles and to give the user a fresh and younger looking skin.

What are Dermal Fillers?

This is another form of anti-wrinkle treatment. We recommend the dermal fillers at our Stamford clinic to visitors with more and deeper lines especially in the lower half of the face.

  • Main Uses:  To get rid of deep lines in the lower half of the face and for lip enhancement treatments.

How does dermal fillers & botox treatment at your Stamford clinic help?

Ageing is an inevitable process and with age we start developing fine lines due to the regular contractions and relaxations of muscles. There are many other factors like one’s life style and habits that also causes the skin to age and wrinkles to appear before time. This result into what we see as wrinkles.

When these are injected into the muscles the chemical actually relaxes the muscles and successfully eliminates the wrinkles. The collagen or the hyaluronic acid used beneath the skin surface smoothens the lines and fold and creates a healthier looking line free skin.

Do these have any side effects?

The dermal fillers and the botox treatments used at our Stamford clinic are tried and tested methods. In the dermal fillers we use Uma Jeunesse® for the smoothening purpose.

The only effect we have found that is seen after the dermal fillers or botox injections is enhanced and young skin and increase of confidence in the user. This anti wrinkle treatment is in use since over 2 decades is a proven risk free method.

The dermal fillers at our Stamford Clinic are validated and approved as safe.

  • The Uma Jeunesse® dermal filler is validated by European authorities as safe, effective. The effect of this lasts beyond six months. This is especially beneficial for the perioral wrinkles, marionette, crow’s feet, glabeller lines, lip augmentation; to brief it any medium to deep lines on the face.

Does this treatment hurt?

The doctors at Advanced Skin Clinic in Stamford are highly experienced in administering the botox. As the needle used is so thin, it hardly hurts.

Who can get the dermal fillers or botox done at your Stamford Clinic?

Our Stanford clinic is open to both men and women who want a non surgical treatment and look young. Any person who wants to have a wrinkle free skin or has prescription for this botulinum toxin can visit us.

How quick can I see the results of these?

It usually takes around 2-3 days to get to see some changes and in about a week’s time, you can see a fuller and clearer skin.

At Advanced Skin Clinic, we offer free consultation and guidance for any queries or concerns you have regarding these anti-wrinkle treatments. Feel free to contact us for any further details or appointment.

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