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All you wanted to know about waxing:

The Advanced Skin Clinic, apart from using the advanced techniques for permanent hair removal, we also fully understand the need for the traditional and one of the most trusted and safe ways i.e. waxing at our Stamford clinic.

How is waxing beneficial?

  1. Lasts Longer: As this procedures pulls out the hair from root, the re-growth of rate is reduced and is delayed. You can experience a hair free skin for up to 3-8 weeks.
  2. Removes Tan: As the dead skin cells are pulled off, the tan also comes away giving a lighter shade.

Which are the types of waxing offered?

Full arm/leg waxing

This includes the hair removal using hot wax from full legs or arms. You can choose both and the rates would be application accordingly.

Half arm/leg wax

This is for the hair removal using hot wax in the lower half of the arms or legs.

Underarm Wax

Have clean and smooth underarms with this procedure. We use hot wax to clean your underarm off the hair.
Regular underarm waxing helps a smoother and whiter skin without dark patches that gives you confidence to show off!

Back Wax

We will use hot wax to remove all the unwanted hair from your back area and give you a soft and smooth clean back.

Bikini wax

Get a hair free bikini line from our experts.

Chest wax

We use hot wax to remove the unwanted hair growth from the chest area.

Lip & Chin

£7.00 each or £10.00 for both combined
Remove all the unwanted facial hair from upper lips and the chin area.


What is Threading?

A technique used in Asia to remove and shape unwanted hair. This method is very precise and not as harsh as waxing, as all we use is thread to pull out the hair. This treatment is becoming very popular as it can be used everywhere on the face.

Eyebrows – £8.00
Upper Lip – £7.00
Chin – £7.00
Cheeks – £7.00
Full Face – £19.00

Regular waxing reduces the re-growth of the hair on the skin. Contact us for any further queries or more specific requirements today.

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